Victor Ortiz launched his solo project The Note V in 2012 in his hometown of Mexico City actually based on it, He sought to explore deep atmospheres within the melodic techno & Organic house spectrum, an explorative departure from his alter ensemble Treceveinte which employs live instrumentation to paint soundscapes with rich, ethereal hues.


This is  The Note V, a vibrational experience recalling emotions and experiences to create a fusion of the organic as well as electronic the life that actually lives


Expressive situations and emotional environments through dark melodies and deep atmospheres by hand with groovy and organic rhythms are his intention, merging genres to transmit a message, perfect for perform in underground clubs and closed event till open air festival with his Live act passing from the Dark to the Light on his Live show since downtempo , afro & organic house till melodic tech, all at his own and unique way  


Initially scouted by the German label KDB Records, The Note V has expanded his sound, reaching labels across the globe sharing with artist like

​Trockensaft, Lucas Arr, Soul Button, Paul Hazendonk, Rafael Cerato, Boss Axis, Township Rebellion, Phonique, Animal Trainer, Pedro Mercado, Moonwalk, Nils Nuenberg, Marco Tegui, Tone of Arc, V-cious, Qbical, Definiton, Rober mason, Amber Long and more.

He has toured Mexico, Europe and Ukraine, sharing his live act with audiences in Lisbon, Berlin, Belgium, London, Ibiza and Keiv. He has performed at prominent festivals including Amsterdam Dance Event and Esto Es Tulum. 


Throughout his career he has shared the stage with artists like Robert Babicz, Nick Muir, John Digweed, Guy Mantzur, Monkey safari , Rafael Cerato, Kintar, Armonica, Be Svendsen, Jos & Eli , Yokoo, Sis ,Ten Walls & more


Working actually in signatures like Bar25, LUMP, Steyoyoke , Rebellion der träumer, Movement, Harabe, KDB & more